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Great Ways to Reconnect with your Kids

With articles in the press suggesting that technology is interrupting the precious relationships formed between you and your children why not make this summer the one to really re-connect with them.

Children playing outdoors at Cosy Under Canvas

Children are spending more time on screens and less time chatting and hanging out with their families. Are you longing to have real conversations with them again!

With no phone or WiFi signal on site at Cosy Under Canvas, it’s the perfect destination for a full on family digital detox and the chance to bring back the family banter!

Connect with nature

Sometimes it’s not obvious, but the woodland is filled with small animals, bugs and insects. The kids can learn about who lives in the trees and on the ground.

Child exploring nature - finding a frog

Guides and fun activities are provided in the Cosy Corner to help you and them to identify the nature that’s on the doorstep and why not see if they can add some ‘interesting finds’ to the box in The Cosy Corner.

Fire up imaginations

Let the kids loose in the woods. Take a stroll with them and check out the boundaries of the woodland and then let them run wild.

They won’t be far away but can enjoy the freedom you did as a child, roaming free! Plus it’s an opportunity for you to kick back and relax in the hammock.

In the evenings playing games and telling stories whilst wrapped up in a blanket round the campfire can help kids explore their imaginations.

Stay up late and stargaze together. The sky is beautifully clear here as there is no light pollution. Search for star constellations together and learn their names, and the myths and legends that provided them.

A cosy dome at night in the Dark Sky area

Make the hot tub your project

Get the kids involved in lighting one of the wood-fired hot tubs and enjoy a warm dip together. You can go in search of wood and kindling with them and even teach them how to use the axe to chop up your logs.

Whether they're old enough to relax in the tub and appreciate the peace, or would prefer to play and splash about, it's a great opportunity to connect.

Play real games

Shun the screens and choose to play a real game together that encourages a shared experience, a little friendly competition, fun and laughter!

There’s a ping pong table with bats, balls and a scoreboard plus the lounge room is full of board games suitable for all ages. Set up a marathon of Monopoly or grab Bananagram for a quick word game.

Explore Food

Cooking together on an outdoor fire is an exciting and adventurous activity for your kids to help out with.

Involving them in the cooking also helps connect the final dish to the ingredients, helping them gain a better understanding of where their food comes from and encourages them to explore different tastes.

Order a Cosy Cook Pot during your stay, it’s a box full of the correct quantities of tasty local ingredients plus a recipe card for you to cook up a campfire storm.

Eating food together is an opportunity to share stories and news and build connections, it’s not often everyone gathers around the table over a feast these days especially without a device in sight!

Get out & about

Hire the mountain bikes we have here and go for a cycle together.

Apart from the health benefits, cycling is more adventurous and exciting than walking and is also a faster way to get around and absorb the scenery.

Children Riding Mountain Bikes at Cosy Under Canvas

Be as adventurous as you like, a quick cycle to the pub or an off road trail…we can suggest the best route to suit you and yours.

And if they really need to be connected

Set up a healthy competition to see who can take the best photos during your stay.

Rather than posting them, get traditional and print them off in a collage when you get home to remind you of your stay.

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