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The Ultimate Comfort Food, Jambalaya

It's a firm favourite with our family and the campers. It's as easy to cook over the fire as in a pan on the hob. So if you don't fancy getting outdoors you can still enjoy the rich, smokey taste of a Jambalaya. 

Our recipe is for a veggie version but it's delicious with chicken and chorizo, fish or prawns. We have veggies and not in our household so sometimes I get 2 pots on the go!

Ingredients for 4

1 of each - onion, celery stick, pepper, carrot, garlic glove chopped small

Heat in some oil in a pot or pan and add the veg. Cook for 5 mins

1 teaspoon each - hot smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, dried thyme

Add to the vegetables and cook for 2 mins (add chicken at this point if using)

Add to the pan - 1 tin tomatoes, 600ml stock, 250g rice

Simmer for 10 mins for white rice and 15 mins for brown

Add to the pan - 1 tin sweetcorn, 1 tin black eyed beans

Simmer for another 5 mins until everything is cooked through (add fish at this point if using)

Serve in warmed bowls with crusty bread, a squeeze of lemon and some parsley. Simple!