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We have a few acres of woodland and wetland that we hope you will explore and enjoy when you stay with us. We are proud of this lovely wild space and are making every effort to ensure that biodiversity flourishes here.

We have joined the Powys Wildlife Tourism Group who hope to raise awareness of the wildlife tourism in our area and the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust have provided us with a Wildlife Management Plan to follow to help to manage our land. There are numerous Nature Reserves on our doorstep and with a quick hop over to the Wildlife Trusts website you can find a map and take your pick.

We have found that badgers are travelling through our woodland and foraging in them, pairs of red kites are regularly seen soaring overhead and five protected bird species have been recorded within 1km. The wetland is a perfect habitat for slow worms and grass snakes and white clawed crayfish have been found in our stream, they are an endangered species. Recently an Otter was spotted diving down into the stream running through the site. Keep your eyes peeled and you never know what you may see!

We have also created a WET system to manage the grey water waste from our showers and kitchens. It helps wildlife to flourish and encourages amphibians and invertebrates such as frogs and dragonflies to breed as well as filtering the waste water through various pools to a clean pond in the Wetland.

Cosy Under Canvas Nature

We have improved habitat connectivity year on year by planting native shrubs and trees along field boundaries and we have coppiced trees and planted native daffodils, bluebells and cowslips. We have also planted rowan, wild cherry, hazel and hawthorn trees and created new hazel and hawthorn hedges.

To encourage wildlife we have installed four bat boxes, a kestrel box and an owl box in the trees, we have also left dead wood piles to encourage invertebrates and made brash piles in the wetland to encourage slow worms and grass snakes.

From den building and stream dipping to reed weaving and scavenger hunting there’s something for all ages and the youngest of all can get their parents involved too.

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